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 Inspector Disney Rules.

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PostSubject: Inspector Disney Rules.   Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:08 am

Inspector Disney Forums is a fun forum but you must obey these rules to make it fun.
Please read Carefully or you may be banned.

1. No Flaming - People don't want to see other members of this forum fighting neither would I, this is meant to be a fun enjoyable forum.

2. No Adult Content - This is a Club Penguin Forum, Club Penguin isn't just meant for adults, younger people might be browsing this forum, NO ADULT CONTENT!

3. No S.P.A.Mming - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (SPAM) is not welcome on this forum. It is just a complete waste of your time. Spam is everywhere around us let's make sure it is not here!

4. No Discussion of Hacking - Hacking is bad. This Forum isn't for you to post about Club Penguin Hacks. This includes on how to make bots, clones & all other stuff that are to do with hacking.

5. No Excessive Swearing/cussing - Swearing is prohibited on this forum. You cannot swear on here, like I said before, there are children browsing these forums. We have censors on this forum & when you do cuss/swear it will ask you to report them.

6. Leave outside Arguments outside - If you know someone on this forum in real life & you've had a fight, please do not bring it here. If you are being bullied by someone through the PMing System (Private Messaging) then please report it to me immediatly with a full copy of the message, I would like to see actual picture so don't delete it as I can easily view it when needed.

7. Stay on Topic - When you post, please make sure it is in the correct forum or topic, if you want to post about something that has not fallen into any of the categories, then please use the Off Topic Section, please be aware though that if post on the wrong forum, we will warn you, but if it is on a regular basis, we will eventually ban. The rules still apply for off topic.

8. Use good Grammer - Please use the best as your grammer because it gets annoying when you keep doing this - How cum u never post on yr forum m8 - Use the best of your grammer skills!

9. No Advertisment - Don't make topics or threads about your site. You may have your address in your signature but please don't tell people to look at it.

10. Don't ask to be a Moderator or a higher rank - This will cause you to have an even less chance of becomming what you want. I look out for people who have a good spirit, people who are kind to other people, people who follow the rules & people who post regularly.

11. Don't be mean or rude - Please respect other members, if you don't then it could be considered being rude or mean.

12. Have Fun Smile - What are forums for??? Enjoy yourselves, make new friends & much more with new facilities on this forum!

If you see anyone breaking these rules, then please report it immediatly & I will look further into it.

Anyone who breaks these rules will be warned & then eventually banned.

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Inspector Disney Rules.
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